nezih savaşkan
director of photography + camera operator

Specialities include PR Promos and Branded Content, Event Films, Live Music/Fashion multi-camera, Factual-entertainment and Specialist Factual Documentary, Television News, and Interviews/Junkets.

Additional areas of experience and expertise include Directing, Technical Consultation, Live Streaming, and Production Management.

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I AM...

a multi-skilled and highly versatile Lighting Cameraman / DoP and Camera Operator with over 12 years professional experience. I'm also an experienced Editor.

adept with a wide range of production formats and styles including PR promos and branded content / event films / live music and fashion multi-camera / factual-entertainment and specialist factual documentary / television news ENG/EFP / interviews and junkets.

experienced working as a Technical Director / Camera Supervisor: I'm well versed with a range of camera equipment from many brands, 4K and RAW workflows, camera prep and line-up, broadcast standards, streaming technologies (LiveU, YouTube Live, Facebook Live), and timelapse photography.

comfortable and experienced working in challenging and sensitive environments such as working with children / refugee camps / operating theatres / hospitals / on-board aircraft / on boats / at sea / confined spaces / protests and riots / nudity / mental health issues. Experienced in putting talent and contributors at ease.

a seasoned traveller, having shot on location in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, Russia, Iraq, Norway, the USA, Turkey, Iceland, and across Europe.

London based, but with temporary accommodation options in Brighton, Istanbul (Turkey), and Izmir (Turkey).

fully insured, hold a UK Press Card, and am basic DRB checked. I have a full driving licence, several useful travel vaccinations, and emergency first aid and life support training. All my equipment is PAT tested.

a member of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals.



...is based around the high-end Sony PMW-F5: an extremely versatile 4K camera that is at home in any environment from live multi-cam to documentary, or corporate to commercial work.

To accompany the F5, my main lens is the premium quality Fujinon XK6 4K servo zoom. With a range of 20-120mm this versatile lens can produce tack-sharp, clean, yet "cinematic" images. It's perfect for a wide range of project styles and formats.

My B-Cam is the compact Sony A6500, which despite its size captures (compressed) 4K images that comfortably match my F5. It’s a very useful and capable little camera, which also shoots high-quality stills.

For news, challenging environments, and corporate conference work, I also have a Sony PXW-Z280 camera. This is a 4K "camcorder" style camera with similar image characteristics to my F5, a built in 17x lens, and built-in live streaming options.


a DJI Ronin S hand-held gimbal
a TVLogic 17" true HD broadcast reference monitor
a comprehensive lighting kit (including RGB options)
a selection high-quality audio equipment
a heavy duty 3ft slider
a VoxBox Pro for down-the-line interviews
a GoPro Hero5 4K minicam
zoom demand for Fujinon lens
a location laptop with useful DIT software
and a wide range of accessories, grip, cables, and adaptors.

All my kit is flight-cased up - ready for travel abroad if required, and all electricals are maintained to safe standards as per HSE guidelines.


I have an extensive network of trusted colleagues I'm always happy to bring on-board when required. This includes Sound Recordists, Camera Assistants, Editors, Additional Camera Operators, Live Streaming Technicians, Steadicam/Gimbal Operators, Drone Crew, Jib Operators, Autocue Operators, and more...

I also have a good relationship with two popular rental houses, through whom I can source all sorts of extra equipment include a range of gorgeous prime lenses, and more comprehensive lighting and grip equipment.



During the ongoing worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, I am still working, but am adopting various guidelines in regarding my working method as advised by several industry bodies.

The basic core elements of these guidelines are:

risk assessing shoot elements and locations prior to commencement of work. Ensuring all participants and crew are briefed about working methods.
minimising number of people on location to essentials only - especially with more confined interior locations.
ensuring all participants and crew wear face coverings when in close proximity to one another (an exception being when on camera). Ensuring all participants and crew follow proper and regular hand washing practices, and that hand sanitiser is available for all to use regularly.
ensuring any equipment that is likely to catch breath or spittle particles is sanitised before and after each use.
ensuring locations are well ventilated and clean, and assess load-in and load-out access to avoid pinch points (such as small elevators).

Further advice and guidance can be found in the following resources:

BECTU Camera Branch "Twenty Step" Guide
The Doc Society - Filming in the time of Coronavirus
The Advertising Producers Association - Comprehensive Covid-19 Guides


I am lucky enough to have been brought up in a very "green" and "eco-conscious" way, and this (and related values) have always been very important to me. Having said that, I am always learning and adapting, and the past few years especially I have become aware of so many more things to be conscious of and consider. This can range from new developments in recycling that I can partake in, to the products I use to clean my clothes, and from to being considerate with my buying choices through to energy consumption and fuel emissions.

Video, film, and TV production, along with other entertainment sectors have historically been industries with quite a high carbon footprint (for example, through lots of travel), and with the potential for lots of waste generation (for example, through location catering, or temporary sets and decorations). It's so great to see that this has become a big topic of conversation in the last few years, with many proactive schemes appearing to better the situation, such as Albert; Cama and Set Exchange set recycling; The Sustainable Production Forum; and Cut It.

With this in mind, I (both as an individual, and on projects I lead) am working hard to be the best I can be, and always considering ways to improve. Although I realise that big change is best (and so I do my bit to get involved in some campaigning, petitioning, bigger conversations, public awareness, and charity support), I also understand the little things make a difference too.

So, in my professional life, as an extension of my personal life, I do my very best to always implement choices to help, where possible, reduce my carbon footprint and make sustainable and ethical actions. For example:

make ethical choices about food and catering provisions on set

ensure wastage is kept to a minimum, and leftovers are offered to others before being discarded (I will look out for local homeless people, or use apps such as Olio)

(work in progress)

Equipment Hire


From cameras, to lighting, to sound kit, to monitoring, to livestreaming... I have a wide range of equipment available for both wet and dry hire. I also have accounts and good relationships with several hire companies to bring in additional equipment, and I am happy to organise this to take the burden off you.

Please get in touch to see my full and detailed kit list which includes items such as an Ergorig with Undersling, VoxBox Pro, TVLogic 17" monitor, a range of Blackmagic Convertors/Glue/Recorders/Generators/Splitters, a Syrp Genie turntable, and much more!

All my equipment is high-end and of a professional grade, and (where appropriate) in Peli or flight cases ready for travel.

A particular selection of my kit is also available to rent on Fat Llama. Please check out my store front here: https://fatllama.com/profile/5560326707

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Over the years of my career I have amassed an extensive library of video content which I own the rights to license and distribute. I am always working on expanding my online presence with this in order to make as much of it readily available as possible.

Currently, I am using Pond 5 and iStock (Getty), and you can find my libraries here:

Pond 5: https://www.pond5.com/artist/videosoul
iStock / Getty: https://www.istockphoto.com/portfolio/videosoul

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